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T20 Indonesia PB No 1/2022 Policy Proposals for External Debt Management and Sustainability in Developing and Low-Income Countries
Policy Brief N° 1 T20 Indonesia 2022. Task Force 7: International Finance and Economic Recovery
Debt for Climate and Development Swaps in Nigeria
Red Sur - Centre for the Study of the Economies of Africa (CSEA) Working Paper No 9/2023
IDRC Project “Promoting a pandemic recov evidence to support managing the growing debt crisis”
REPORT Empowerment or Exploitation: Global Perspectives on Women’s Work in the Platform Economy
Signature Volume - EDITION 5 | MAY 2023 Keywords: Gender, Technology, Future of Work


Oct 02 2023
Webinar > Public debt and the environment: perspectives from the Global South

On October 2, experts from African and Latin American countries contributed with their local perspectives to the global south view on the prospects for public debt and the environment, summarizing the results of the project "Restructuring Public Debt for socioeconomic recovery and Sustainability...

Jul 04 2023
Webinar > Growing Out of Debt

On 4 July 2023, the work was brought together in an ERF organized online Webinar, with FDL, Red Sur, and IDRC: ‘Growing Out of Debt: Perspectives from Developing Countries Around the World’ to present findings from this research, highlight tensions and trade-offs generated by the debt dif...

May 04 2023
ERF 29th Annual Conference "Embarking on a Path of Renewal: MENA Commission on Stabilization and Growth – Insights into More Hopeful Directions", organizado por la Universidad Nile de Nigeria

Ramiro Albrieu, Senior Researcher at Red Sur, participates in the Middle East and North Africa Regional Conference "Stabilization and Adjustment: Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Policies in MENA" held on May 3, 2023 prior to the ERF 29th Annual Conference, ...

May 24 2023
Just Jobs Network: Opportunities and challenges of the platform economy in the Global South

¡El #jjnroadshow llega a París! Just Jobs Network es coanfitriona con OCDE del evento: Las oportunidades y desafíos del trabajo en plataformas en el Sur Global, en particular para las mujeres.
DÍA: Miércoles 24 de mayo. HORARIO: de las 04:00 a las 07:00 EST.

Jul 20 2021
Evento: Diálogos del Futuro del Trabajo en el Sur Global. Perspectivas de América Latina

Entre el martes 20 de julio y el jueves 22 de julio, CIPPEC y Red Sur reunieron a más de 25 expertos de América Latina en torno a 6 mesas para la construcción de una narrativa sobre los distintos ejes temáticos que hacen al futuro del trabajo en la región: Habilidades, Tecnología, Instituciones del mercado laboral, Demografía, Desigualdad y Política Fiscal. Los seis paneles se...