Call for papers “Latin American challenges: the role of the European Union. A seminar and publications”






General context

  • The Venezuela crisis: impact on CELAC’s plans
  • Consequences of the Lima Declaration
  • Suspension-delay of the EU-CELAC summit
  • The future of CELAC

Latin American problematic and challenges

  • Venezuela's gloomy scenarios: effects on the region's stability  
  • A Latin-American breach: the deepening of differences between countries
  • Regional integration and economic cooperation in the Western Hemisphere: MERCOSUR, NAFTA, UNASUR, and others
  • Latin American special cases: Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba –the role of the EU
  • Poverty, inequality, organized crime
  • Environmental challenges  
  • Emigration
  • Political internal confrontations

The United States

  • The Trade and Investment Partnership between the European Union and the United States (TTIP): impasse and Latin American opportunities
  • The current policy of the United States towards Latin America and Europe 
  • The shape of relations between the EU and Latin America

European Union issues

  • Transition in the European Union and relations with Latin America
  • The role of influential member states (Spain, France, Germany, and others)
  • Relations with the US

Organization: Jean Monnet Chair/European Union Center, University of Miami and co-sponsorship of the University of Miami’s Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas and the Miami-Florida European Union Center (a partnership with Florida International University, and the Jean Monnet program of the European Union).
Place: TBA: Main and supplementary sites:
Jean Monnet Chair/EU Center,
Miami Institute of the Americas;
CIBER Center, School of Business Administration;
Casa Bacardí
DateFriday, November 3, 2017
Languages of seminar and publications: English and Spanish
Paper: 2,000-4,000 words; abstract (100-150 words) by October 1. 2017; first summary, expanded draft by October 15; final copy, ready for publication: January 5, 2018.
Style-format: Policy paper, based on solid facts and evidence, with moderate documentation, centered on analysis and recommendations.
Publication in English and Spanish in a series of papers by the Jean Monnet Chair/EU Center, by February 1, 2018, on time for a possible celebration of the delayed summit. A selection of the papers may be published in a collective volume, with an on-line first edition, to be co-distributed by the Argentine Council of Foreign Relations (CARI) and other cooperative think-tanks.
Participants will form a team that will draft a document entitled “The State of European Union-Latin America/Caribbean Relations: the Coral Gables Declaration”. It will be world-wide circulated and sent directly to the leading institutions of the CELAC and the European Union.
Presentations of volume: Subject to the celebration of the EU-CELAC summit, a series of presentations will take place in round tables to be organized in Miami, Mexico, Cuba, and in Barcelona during the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) annual conference to be held in May 28-30, 2018. For previous models of collective publications, see EU Center web,  (, publications: books
Financial assistance available. For information, contact ASAP:
Joaquín Roy, Jean Monnet Chair, University of Miami,
1-305-284-3266; call: 1-305-5056045; WhatsApp: 1-3055056045; Skype: baltimore500

For more information please visit: