Red Sur-UIC Call for Papers: Accelerating effective tobacco taxes in Latin America

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The South American Network on Applied Economics/Red Sur  and the Health Policy Center of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) opened a call for papers (CfP) on “Accelerating effective tobacco taxes in Latin America”.
The objective of this CfP is to increase understanding on effective tobacco tax policies.  In Latin America (LA), there have been important tax reforms with the goal of reducing tobacco consumption. However, as tobacco products have become more affordable, these reforms have often fallen short of the intended purposes; and further increases have been blocked by concerns about potential negative economic impacts from tobacco tax increases, which are often fuelled by vested interests. Research commissioned under this call will examine these economic impacts and aim at action-oriented policy proposals based on solid, local evidence.
The objectives of this call for research proposals are the following:
1) To produce evidence-based research on the impacts of increased tobacco tax policies   in Latin America.
2) To disseminate this evidence to policy makers and civil society actors.
This CfP will fund one research study per country in 5 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru) with a contribution of USD 35,000 for each in-country research institution, over a maximum period of 8 months (from March 1st until October 31, 2018). 
For inquiries concerning the content of this CfP please contact Red Sur’s coordination office at 
Submission deadline for proposals is January 22, 2018 at 23.59 hrs. (Montevideo, Uruguay, GMT -3). Proposals with all required documents should be submitted electronically to  with the subject line: Accelerating Effective tobacco taxes in Latin America.
Access the guidelines in Spanish and Portuguese.


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